100 Best Black Friday shopping hacks

What is Black Friday? Is Black Friday real, or a scam? Find online shopping best deals on Black Friday. Bitcoin price on Black Friday. shopping hacks in USA on Black Friday. Are deals on Cyber Monday or Black Friday better? What do Americans think about Black Friday? Any SEO services & software discounts on Black Friday?

  1. What are good Black Friday shopping hacks?
    A few things to add from our research here at Comparaboo –
    Do you have Discover, Citi, or Mastercard credit cards? If so, you can use their price protection policies to shop well before the Black Friday rush. Just use your card to buy the item you know will be on sale, keep your receipt, and save a copy of the ad. Once Black Friday has come and gone, “submit the original receipt, your credit card statement showing the purchase, and a dated ad or a note from the manager on store stationery to prove the lower price” and wait for your refund.
    Sign up for email newsletters in advance. Many stores, both physical retailers and e-commerce site, will send special deals to email subscribers. This can be particularly useful in the case of e-commerce stores that don’t have physical ads in your Sunday paper; just take a look through their Black Friday communications and you may find free shipping, specialty discounts, and other promotions not otherwise advertised.
    Enlist friends and family. If you’re shopping on Black Friday, your friends (and family) probably are, too. Take advantage of this fact by multiplying your efforts. Get together ahead of time and find out which stores and products you have in common, then split your efforts by sending each person to a specific store (or stores). Then get everything your group needs from your store, and reconvene later to redistribute and calculate expenses. (Websites like KittySplit can help with figuring out who owes what.) It’s a great way to maximize efficiency and minimize stress and wasted time.

  2. What a fantastic question. How does one hack Black Friday?!
    I’ve been in online retail for twelve years now. Oh did the market change. While you may be thinking of how to hack black Friday – how to get the best of the best deals or find those impossible to finds, the marketers – us, are figuring out ways how to hack you.
    Many years ago, marketers found that this magical day brought in for some 50%+ of their annual revenue. What do all marketers want to do? Get more. So we went ahead and introduced Cyber Monday. Drum roll please… did it work? Oh hell yes it did. We now got two for one. We captured a given holiday time frame and now made it into two days long.
    Did you notice what happen last year? Black Friday week or Cyber Monday week. Yea, we are just going to keep stretching it. Soon you will have Cyber Something Month and then year – which you can pretty much call Amazon at that point. So while we try to hack you, hoping that your urgency to participate will cause you to spend more, here is what you can do:
    Shop brands that never have deals throughout the year
    Ever notice some brands or products never have a price break? Wanna know why? The manufacturer enforces MAP or manufacturer advised pricing. That means that anyone selling that item will not be able to sell below a given price. These are usually bigger brands within an industry say like Oakley. They do this to protect their dealers so that competition comes not just from non-stop price wars, but from actual service. If you see this trend, most retailers are following very strict rules from the manufacturer which would get them put on a Do Not Sell list if they violate these pricing terms. Luckily for you, during holiday seasons they loosen the reagins and allow some discount. Search for coupon codes or look for deals on those brands specifically. Usually they are premium brands, but hell, the chance of you getting a deal on them otherwise pretty much does not exist.
    Research your product now on say google shopping or a marketplace and heres why…
    Ever notice if you look at a google grouping of a product with multiple competitors and everyone has the same price on the item? Well, just like my point above that product is probably sold at a stringent minimum cost. Those items or stores that sell them are most inclined to discount those because those items are high in demand and bring the store a decent margin. If their suppliers allow, they can drop the price on them during that time. The items which you see a lot of price competition more than likely will not be discounted much if at all on the holiday. Which leads me to my next point
    Sign up to the sites you want mailing list now, you will be targeted
    So now that you know which products are more than likely to be discounted during that time (as only 10% of a sites offering probably will be which unless they do a storewide discount) guess how they will tell people? Discretely via an opt in list. Which should be you! Why would they do that and not just publish it? Because they want to keep it secretive or they are being naughty and breaking their manufacture set rules on how much discount they are allowed. Either way, you will find out as you will 100% be serviced by Black Friday/Cyber Monday email blasts or actual curated ones for those sites that actually want to segment and target their clients. Speaking of segmentation, here is one other hack.
    Abandon checkouts on Black Friday/Cyber Monday
    Dear ecommerce community and powerful overlords, please don’t kill me for giving away our secrets. Just kidding, Its common practice to be remarketed to or retargeted. Stores want you to come back if you left. Because its hard to walk all the way out of a department store, but very easy to just click off a website. Especially if your shopping for a lot of stuff. I can guarantee you, the sites that do want your business will try to get you back if you have just got up and left right before you were going to buy. They not only want to retain your business, usually through a perk of some sort, but they want to learn from you and improve their ways so that you would not have left the first time. That means this retailer will work 2x as hard for your business and more than likely care about your experience. You will also get some discount “hack” money back. So don’t do it on purpose, but you will notice you will organically get emails with incentive offers sent to your email if you just get up and leave.
    I am sure there are many many more hacks to Black Friday and Cyber Monday, but these stand out to me. I figure if I am going to get a deal on something, its on something I cannot get a deal on during the year. I in no way shape and form care to buy a $150 pile-o-junk laptop or 40″ $80 garbage LCD just to say I got said product for such a low price. No, I would rather get a Vitamix for 35%-40% off or a Dyson Vacuum for some discount. Actually I would rather get neither of those, but you see my point.


  3. Some tips and tricks for when black friday coming soon.
    Use cashback to amplify your deal
    Cashback sites allow you to get money back on purchases. Plenty of stores have their own cashback system – for example, Nectar points at Sainsbury’s.
    These give you reward points which can then be redeemed against more shopping.
    Other sites give you straightforward cashback on buying flights, holidays, and other purchases. Sites which do this include Quidco and Topcashback. Some credit cards also give cashback on purchases, either at specific shops or at all retailers.
    Set up online accounts ahead of the big day
    Get ready by signing up for online accounts with all the shops you might want to shop at. If you’re serious about bagging a bargain this Black Friday, store your details so you can get online fast without wasting precious time.
    Use a credit, not debit, card to pay
    The safest way to spend is by making use of your credit card to do your deals. This way, your bank will end up footing the bill – rather than you – if the transaction goes wrong.
    Plus, if the products fail to arrive or aren’t as promised by the seller’s site, the card company has a liability and should refund you the money.
    In practice, getting the bank to live up to this promise (known as “Section 75”, after the relevant clause in credit legislation) may not be that easy; however it’s worth your energy.
    If the website you are using is unfamiliar to you or you’re in any doubt, double check and take screen-grabs of the items or printouts. This way, if you have to prove to your bank that the item delivered wasn’t what you ordered, you have evidence to hand.
    FAQ | Black Friday 2017
    When is it? Friday, November 24 – it always falls on the day after Thanksgiving in the US. Last year, however, Amazon launched its Black Friday deals 13 days early.
    Where did it come from? Used to describe a pre-Christmas day of commercial carnage, the term “Black Friday” originates from Philadelphia, USA, in the early 1950s.
    When did it come to Britain? Online retail giant Amazon introduced the concept to the UK in 2010. Asda, owned by America’s biggest retailer Walmart, followed suit in 2013.
    How much money is spent? It’s become the biggest shopping day in Britain, with an estimated £5.76bn spent during 2016’s sales.
    What to expect: Electronics retailers always drop prices. There’ll almost certainly be big discounts on gadgets, including games consoles, TVs, and phones, as well as travel, clothing and lots more.
    Grab an abandoned basket discount
    A few retailers offer customers deals if they can see they have put items in their online shopping basket but not completed the purchase. This isn’t guaranteed but it’s worth trying, especially if you’re lukewarm about the item at the offered price.
    Log in to the retailer’s website and and shop as normal. Then, instead of going through with the purchase, abandon your basket and close the window.
    A few days later you might receive an email from the retailer enticing you back with money off your purchase. Retailers who have been known to offer this discount include Asda, Asos, H&M and Waitrose.
    Get stalking on social media
    Make sure you’re following all the brands you might want to shop at come Black Friday on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat to hear about offers or further discounts.
    Be careful though: there are plenty of fake deals to be found on Facebook and elsewhere. Fraudsters create attractive looking deals, which they post on Facebook asking users to ‘like’ and ‘share’ the advert to boost it to the top of news feeds and target a wider audience. Those who click through will be asked for personal details, which can be used for fraudulent purposes.
    Plus, make sure the retailer accounts you are following are verified with a blue tick.
    Keep an eye on any deals advertised to you on the messaging app Whatsapp, too. Action Fraud, the cybercrime reporting service, recentl…

    Top 10 Black Friday Shopping Hacks | Aja Dang

  4. To hack the system is to know the system.
    And in this case the system revolves around behavioral economics.
    Now, as consumers we are irrational, plain and simple. But it’s not our fault. Retailers are engaged in one part exploitive unit economics and two parts psychological warfare to sell, sell, sell. In other words, they do everything in their power to make us buy, buy, buy.
    “Smart shopping” is a near impossibility in this type of environment.
    On Black Friday retailers put their best foot forward to sway us to swipe our cards and leave rationality behind. Our choice (or job) is to make sure that we understand the signals and stay vigilant.
    That shiny new TV you’re eyeing? Well, when you walk into the store come Black Friday, it’ll probably be around “70% off” at the appealing price of $129.99.
    Awesome right? Well… think about it for a second. 70% off of what, exactly? Does $433.30 sound like a real price a retailer would offer?
    Now, you have to ask yourself if that TV was ever meant to sell for that amount in the first place.
    Here are some science-backed tips from 6 Lessons to Make You Smarter on Black Friday to help you outsmart your irrational self — and retailers (for the full description of each tip, just click on the link above):
    Want a big ticket item on sale? Get it! But don’t grab anything else on your way to checkout
    Keep your willpower energized (with electrolytes) to avoid “decision fatigue”
    “Free” is great, except for when it makes you spend more than you wanted
    Don’t listen to your inner FOMO
    What’s another $100 after you already spent $20? Another $100!
    Bonus: Recognize that it’s actually okay to splurge and embrace your inner spender (but just for a day)

    Smart Shopping Tips for Black Friday

  5. There have been many answers suggesting you how to make the most of your website on Black Friday so I’m not going to repeat the same. However, I’m going to tell you how to boost your Black Friday Sales using Live Chat:
    Reply quickly & Accurately
    It’s a fact that no one likes to wait. If a customer is trying to reach you but does not receive a response within a minute, it won’t set an example of good customer service.
    According to a research, 79% of consumers said that they prefer live chat because they get their questions answered quickly.
    Offer Instant Discount on Chat Window
    When a website visitor is asking a live chat agent about product details, warranty, return policy etc. he’s half way there. But still some of them do not convert. You can offer an instant or on-spot discount to them via coupon valid only for 15 mins.
    This will instigate the fear of missing out (FOMO) in them and hence they will start purchasing.
    ProActive Chat
    There would be many kinds of people visiting your website, some of them would be hesitant shopper. A hesitant shopper is one who would like the product, spend a good time reading details but would not ask for any query by himself. When you target these shoppers, you increase the chances of conversion.
    Customize Chat Window
    A customer is likely to initiate the chat only if he’s confident. And if your live chat window does not show your brand color or design, then the customer will hesitant in sharing his details.
    You can also customize your chat window in the festival theme which lifts the mood of the customer and hence they become more open to the agent.
    This answer is taken from the post Boost your Cyber Monday And Black Friday Sales with Live Chat

    Black Friday Shopping Tips and Tricks 2017

  6. WELL, WELL, WELL! I was wondering how long it would take for you kids to come crawling to me for advice on Black Friday (which, has taken on some sort of an impolitic sound, though I cannot think of a better word, and “African American Friday” sort of misses the mark‡). You see, I’m a recovering retail manager! (GROUP: “Hi Dan”; DAN: “Hi Guys! I’ve been clean for exactly one year now! Now where’s my coin!”)

    Black Friday is a grotesque combination of everything about USAmerica that is glorious & wonderful, vile & revolting all rolled into pumpkin spiced spiral thingy with cream cheese frosting inside and screaming-punk-ass-kid sprinkles on top. If you’re not from the USA, then you absolutely must see this festive occasion (much like my desire to travel back in time to the Roman Colosseum to see a gladiatorial battle; no, I don’t condone such things, but the grotesquery and violence of it makes me wish I could catch a peak-a-boo just once before passing into the non-afterlife that awaits me).

    What? Dare I compare Black Friday to the murderous games of Ancient Rome? Fuck yeah! A quick search on “The Googlez” will provide a cacophony of stories and the cries of the dead and trampled from this glorious day of American capitalism at its bestworst†. And I’ve seen the wonders up close and personal. Mind you, I bear the scars of these battles of Exmasses past.

    As a young manager at Walmart, I opened the doors at 4am! I managed the Layaway Department and had to call the police (yes, the police) because the line WRAPPED AROUND THE STORE and our clientele began RIOTING, as in: knocking down racks, breaking things and threatening violence. My fellow manager (a complete worm and otherwise useless human being with bad breath and really nasty dandruff) was pulled over the counter by an angry sista’ demanding that we find her Radio Controlled H2 Hummer for her kid (they were pop’lar in 2005). I witnessed one woman PUNCH another woman in the face in a quibble over a laptop of such poor quality that the woman walking away sans computing device was really the one who won. (but I’ll never tell!) That shit’s whack!

    So what are the best hacks of Black Friday? Read carefully, for your life may depend on it:
    Shop local. I mean it, people! America is falling the hell apart because we’re ignoring the mom & pop’s around us. I don’t care if that local “ye olde shoppe” is run by a hippie, a communist or a right-wing fundie . . . shopping there — no matter who owns it — is better than any big brand chain you can find and what ever “small” harm you do by supporting that jerk is counterbalanced by the fact that you’re supporting a small business that is so important as the foundation of your community’s economy. PLUS: You NEVER get service quite like you do by shopping local and you generally avoid lines. I make sure that I get about 30% of my goods (I’m not stupid) from mom and pops and the rest I . . . .
    . . . Get online at http://Amazon.com (or if you must, http://Walmart.com or http://Target.com). The price differences are so completely negligible that whatever the cost difference, you’ll have saved your sanity for the few cents extra you pay. BTW—this big day for online deals is “Cyber Monday” and it’s still a pain in the ass because most of the retailers sites get overloaded (though, last year supposedly they did better)
    Did I mention buying it online? Oh. Well, if you must go in person, remember: the best deals are only “best” for like ten major items. Seriously. I mentioned this above, but I’ve been a salaried manager at Target, Walmart, Costco and Kohl’s. I know these companies well. I still have friends who work at each of them. I get all the gorey details in advance and the secret is: you’ve been duped if you think it’s worth waking up at 2am to go buy stuff (oh, sorry, they all open at midnight or even FUCKING 8pm on Thanksgiving to begin the mayhem).
    The best sales are not always on Black Friday. Well, okay, the best sales on some “key” cock-tease items are on Black Friday (like they get 20 Hamilton-Beach mixers in and sell them at a loss for $15 instead of $35 – and all the “stuff” sold at a loss is of such low, unbelievably crappy quality that – frankly – the language police should arrest me [don’t forget the cavity search!] for combining the words “quality” and “Black Friday” into the same sentence).
    If you must go in person, reconnoiter the joint in advance. Yes, you heard me. Reconnoiter. Begin by making a list of the things you want. Make sure it’s reasonable and worth the trip. If Tommy Tonkatruck wants a Powerwheels Mini-Jeep for Chanukah, guess what: it won’t be on sale on BF, so just get it another day and save the trip. So make sure your list contains things that will really be worth it. “But how do we do that Dan???”
    Go to this website: Black Friday Ads, Black Friday Deals & Sales and look at the adds that people (not me . . . okay, me) secretly posted online (their business intelligence is pretty good). You should compare those “in store” deals to the online prices because—as I said—you really should just buy it all online, if you can’t find it at a local shop.
    Then pick your store(s), but not too many. Like, keep it 4 or under.
    Send in your intelligence assets to get the rundown of the place. Yes. That means, YOU. And do it the DAY BEFORE THANKSGIVING because that’s when they’ll have massive crews of employees putting the stuff up, or at least walking the floor in preparation. As a manager, whose OCD was best suited to crowd control and disaster preparations, I proudly brag about my Black Friday preparations (you can imagine my hyper-spaztic-ness when reading my shit — now imagine it focused, aimed and fired . . . fully caffeinated on one special day). I bought colored masking tape to draw lines on the floor, I Adobe Acrobatted maps for my team, I had radios. I had plans so detailed that goddamned Cylons drooled with envy. I was motherfucking Erwin Rommel when it came to Black Friday, and I tell you that the only way to do well as a shopper is to get into the trenches before the war starts and find out what the enemy is doing.
    And I’ve seen some rare customers “get it” and do exactly this. So, it will take you about three hours (you’re not really going to try to hit more than four stores, are you? Good, you’re not stupid). This means: 1 hour for drive time, 30 minutes in each store. You’re walking in, you’re taking notes. You’re talking to their employees (YES, talking with them) and asking, “Hey Suzy Chapstick! I see that Frothmart is having it’s big sale and I was wondering, where are you strategically placing the Ronco Rotissery Oven/Child’s Playpen combo pack?” And then make a note of it on a piece of paper. This way, when you and your Seal Team Six shopping crew enter the store, you can kill Bin Lad . . . er, I mean, get the items you came for and leave.
    A side note on filling your cart. DON’T. Just fucking don’t. Look, I said this once already, there are like a handful of items sold on Black Friday that are truly “deals”. So, don’t do it. Just get those items that are really great and get the hell out. Save yourself the headaches of dealing with all those people. The rest of the garbage you’re buying can wait for another day (or even later in the day when–after 2pm–the stores will be ghost towns). And don’t fool yourself: you’ll miss out on some of the “insane prices” on some items, so make a list and organize it as a priority. Each store’s list shouldn’t contain more than ten items (if that). If you miss a few, count yourself lucky. Everything you’re buying is junk anyway.
    Lastly: Put everything down. Don’t bother. Leave the dang store. Go to Applebee’s. Get the Gold Margarita in the giant 42lb goblet**. Get another. Go home. Buy that shit online.
    Rinse. Repeat.
    ‡YES, I know the history of the phrase. Also called “DATG” – Day After Thanksgiving in the clothing retail industry or “Blitz” in certain regions, Walmart and Target.
    †Mmmmm. Bestworst . . . . sounds delicious on a bun with sauteed onions and peppers and Gulden’s brown mustard. Gulden’s
    Black Friday usually is the best day to save online as well as offline as all the companies offers huge discounts on this special day. The sale usually lasts for 4 days that is it starts on Black Friday and ends on Cyber Monday .
    Some of the good Black Friday Shopping Hacks which i usually follow are and can also suggest to others is:
    1 ) Do Good Research: Do good research before the Black Friday Sale starts usually 3–4 days before the day.
    2) Make a list: Make a list of all the products you want to buy may be either offline or online. Make a sticky note and pin to your Laptop or write it on a piece of paper.
    3) Be ready to shop early : Usually companies offer huge discounts on this special day. So shop early and save huge money.
    4) Use Social Media: You may be browsing Facebook and other social media whole day. Just utilize it and see sites offering deals and coupons.
    5) Bookmark sites: Bookmark the sites which are offering huge discounts and use it on the day of event to grab the discounts.
    6) Use Coupon Sites: Mainly coupons sites are the best to save huge money on special days like Black Friday. For online related deals like Hosting, WordPress, Domains , Web Hosting Coupons have a look at discountcage.com
    More here: Save HUGE on Black Friday online with this deals
    I have probably shared the things which i do to save more. Now its your turn. Save more and invest the saved money on growing your business 🙂
    Happy Black Friday!!!!

    Black Friday Hacks — 5 Black Friday Tips and Tricks

  7. What is Black Friday?
    The Day After Thanksgiving (Friday) is known as Black Friday. This used to be unofficially or officially the start of holiday shopping season. Almost all stores come out with Doorbuster Sales with the early bird special to attract consumers to their shop. People stand in line hours before the stores are opened, to grab the bargains of the year. In last few years, we have witnessed a trend towards bringing those Black Friday Sales online before Friday.
    Black Friday is no more a one-day event
    In last few years (starting from 2013 to be precise), Black Friday Sales have started way before Friday-with some stores starting their Black Friday sales on Thanksgiving day & some even starting on Wednesday and Monday. It would not be surprising to see Black Friday sale starting on Monday on the Black Friday week. As a result, revenue-wise Black Friday is NOT the biggest day for stores. Biggest sales day now include Thanksgiving day, Green Monday
    and Cyber Monday.
    Why it is called Black Friday?
    Closest reason as to why it is known as Black Friday is given in Wikipedia – “Many retailers report some of their highest profits on Black Friday. The black portion of the name, “Black Friday” relates to businesses recording their losses in red ink and gains in black. This tradition lives on in modern accounting software, hence the name.”. The term Black Friday got traction with the Internet. Deals websites like Deals, Coupon Codes, Bargains and US Deals – Deals of America started to highlight “Black Friday sales” from 2003 and the retailers picked it up. Essentially, Black Friday is an Internet term. Prior to it, people used to refer the sales as ‘Day after Thanksgiving Sale’ or some variation of it.
    So When is Black Friday?
    Friday, November 24th, 2017
    When do Retailers Officially Publish their Advertisements?
    Most ads are published in the newspaper on Thanksgiving Day. (The day before Black Friday). But more recently, many stores are starting to publish their Black Friday Ad early in November or sometimes they leak it even in October. Some stores then have additional black Friday doorbuster items that they only reveal on their website.
    Are there black Friday sales online?
    Most Black Friday Sales go online when their Black Friday store sales start. As we pointed out earlier that many stores offer their Black Friday Sale online – before Black Friday. However, Some in-store only Black Friday deals from few stores, may not be available online. Many of such Black Friday like or even better than black Friday deals can be found at Redwicks.com throughout the year, including right now.
    Are Banks Closed On Thanksgiving?
    Yes, Thanksgiving Day is a Federal Holiday in the USA. Because of this, most banks are closed on Thanksgiving Day.
    Are Banks Open on Black Friday?
    Yes, Black Friday is NOT a Federal Holiday in the USA. Most banks are open on Black Friday. Though Black Friday is an unofficial shopping holiday, some financial institutions might be closed on Black Friday to allow their employees a long weekend off.
    Tips for Black Friday Shopping
    – Check store maps. Stores like WalMart release their store map clearly describing where you can find items you are looking for. Since the stores are so big, lines are huge and quantities of most desired items are limited, you may want to go prepared so you can get what you are looking for.
    – Call your local store to find out when they will start giving tickets, and where (which gate) should they stand in line. Usually, people stand well in advance of store opening hours. Since doorbuster items are in limited quantities, they distribute tickets to those who are ahead in line. For example, if a store has 20 TVs for $249, stores employees will give tickets to first 20 people. If you get the ticket, you can go to the counter, pay and get the item.
    – Decide what you want in advance. You may NOT be able to cover all the stores and may not be able to get ALL the early bird Specials. So decide in advance what is the most important item that you absolutely need.
    – Give preference to the big-ticket item as you will save more on those items. For example, you likely save few hundred dollars on an expensive TV of over thousand dollars than on a pair of shoes costing $20. While both may be available at very good prices but may be in two different stores, so you may only be able to get one (assuming both are doorbuster deals), and saving on the TV may be in a range of few hundred dollars while saving on shoe may be in under $50.
    – If possible have a group of people, but everyone going to a different store. Each person going to any store may buy an item for everyone else in the group. Although for some doorbuster items, store offer one slip to person, so you may not be able to get more than one such item.
    – Check Price Matching Policy of stores. Some stores offer price match so instead of standing in a queue you may just walk into a store with no or less queue and that offers a price match. (And yes, make sure that they have item in stock). Price Matching is always a tricky situation. Some stores may be kind enough to honor their words while other may NOT be. Some employee’s and Managers are also reluctant to offer a price match.
    – Buy in advance and get the price adjusted on Black Friday day. Again, Some store may or may not adjust the price. You may try return and re-purchase at Black Friday price on Black Friday. Again, some store may refuse to sell it back, stating that item has to go in first.
    – Buy Only what you need. Many stores are strict on restocking fee which may range from 5-15%.This usually applies to big-ticket electronics & tech items.
    – PARK SMART. Park in the parking lot of nearby another place where there is no sale. Walk to store. This way, you won’t get stuck in a BIG queue of people coming in and out to the main store. – Get Dressed for winter Especially if you are in East coast or North. You don’t want to catch a cold or get Sick while bargain hunting. It will kill the deal 🙂
    – Shop Online. These day’s most Black Friday items are available online as well. With rising gas prices, sinking temperatures (harsh winter) and many online deals with Free Shipping Offers, Online Shopping is gaining ground.FAQ! Visit RedWicks| World’s Largest Advertising Portal for delas and coupons throughout the year!

  8. The time has come. To drop those Halloween decorations and make the way for snowflakes and reindeers to come bustling in. It’s the time to welcome Santa and mark the beginning of the Christmas month. But before that, it is time of the biggest shopping day of the year, “The Black Friday”.
    So let’s begin by listing down our things on the shopping list. Here goes the food items for the Big Thanksgiving dinner. And the new serving ware and cutlery for the kempt dinner table. And yes, the much awaited Xbox One for Johnny. And after so much to do, may be some painkiller from Walgreens may also find their way on the list.
    But as you enter with your list to a local retail store, or a nearby Walmart, a whole new set of problems and anticipations start to appear. Arghhh, why is this thing so much overpriced. Will the store across the lane offer a better deal? Or maybe I should I have tried on Amazon first. And there would be another set of people who would be comparing prices on different websites, portals and applications. Then frantically searching for coupons and discounts across different sites. And after taking so much pains, Harry from next door may just stroll in to say,” What!! 550$?? Man, I got the same stuff for 440$…”
    Therefore, this black Friday, please let your mind and body have some peace. Instead, share some of your workload with the new breakthrough product from CopperPix Inc. – ValueTag. Yes, we provide you with the best deals of the hour from across more than 150 online and offline stores, apply the coupons for you automatically while you have a cup of coffee and let you save more than a few extra bucks on every deal. But that’s not making us a ‘breakthrough’ product. Rather, it is the few hours more you get to spend with your dearest ones, away from your computer and mobile screens and running down the street, searching every store in the vicinity.
    So let’s have a sneak peek into ValueTag and how it works:
    · It is available as an android app (of course!) and also as a browser extension.
    Price Comparison
    · Once plug-in is installed, users can visit any product website and compare prices by hovering over the product image and clicking the “Best Price” icon.
    · It necessarily means that you don’t need to open those numerous tabs to compare prices. With a single click on “ValueTag “button, you will get the complete list of comparative prices across all e-commerce sites in same window with respective reviews.
    · Once the product is in cart, simply click ValueTag icon on the top of promotion bar and have ValueTag apply automatic coupons for you. By the way, don’t tell next door Harry about this coupon secret!
    In store Shopping
    · You are in store and stuck with the price dilemma. No worries. Using its barcode scanner, you can scan barcode with mobile phone and get the best price for it at various stores.
    So now whether you want some food sales from Walmart or Target, the Ben10 watch from Toys R Us, serving ware from Macy’s, Computer Software and Technology for that geek living above you from Staples or Newegg, a new mobile phone and tablet from Best Buy or Overstock, Apparels and dresses from Forever 21, cosmetics from Sephora or just a book from Barnes and Noble, you know which is the one stop solution to all. The download link for itunes , android app and browser extension is below.

  9. The Day After Thanksgiving Day is known as Black Friday. This used to be unofficially or officially the start of holiday shopping season. Almost all stores come out with Sales with the early bird special to attract consumers to their shop. People stand in line hours before the stores and shops are opened, to grab the bargains of the year. In last few years, we have witnessed a trend towards bringing those Black Friday Sales online before Friday.
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  10. Note: I work for Amazon.com, but I do not represent the company, and this is not an official policy statement.
    I’m not, for the sake of my sanity and yours, going to try to convince you to shop on Amazon. However, if you want to use Amazon as your Black Friday launchpad, here are some tips that may make your shopping experience more successful.
    Start at Black Friday Deals. Do this at least a day in advance. This page is the central hub for all our Black Friday stuff across categories.
    If there are any particular categories you’re extra interested in (cameras, tools, apparel, etc.), look for their category-specific black friday page. The main corporate one is, as you can imagine, chock full of stuff and the content is constantly rotating. That means if all you want is a sweet new TV, you’re better off at a TV page. I have some category-specific pages listed at the end of this answer. They’re also linked in the left navigation of the corporate page.
    If you refresh the page, most of the content below the big section of lightning deals is going to change. Refresh the page a bunch to get a sense of what’s out there. As a category marketer, I’m updating my category’s stuff on this page at least once a day.
    If you’re not sure whether our price is a deal or a screamin’ deal, use http://camelcamelcamel.com/ to check historical pricing.
    Specifically for Lightning Deals
    A “lightning deal” is a limited-time, limited-quantity deal. When you add one to your cart, you are basically adding the full-priced item to your cart but have a 15-minute coupon applied to your account that brings the price to the advertised deal price.
    Here’s what they look like:
    The 15-minute coupon thing means you have 15 minutes after you click “add to cart” to finish your purchase before the coupon is released for someone else. Therefore, if you see a deal you might be interested, click the add to cart button even if you’re still not quite sure. That extra 15 minutes is plenty of time to do product research, check competitor prices, etc.
    When all coupons are claimed, the Add to Cart button becomes a “Join waitlist” button. Before I worked at Amazon, I assumed the waitlist was a worthless endeavor and never used it. Don’t make this mistake! There are constantly coupons opening back up, especially on Black Friday.
    That said, for really hot deals where all the coupons are claimed in the first couple minutes, if you join the waitlist and haven’t gotten a coupon within half an hour, you’re probably out of luck. Sorry. 🙁
    Amazon tells you what a lot of lightning deals will be in advance, even if we don’t reveal prices. If you click the “Upcoming” link in the widget pictured above, it will show you upcoming deals instead, so you have a bunch of extra time to decide.
    If you do this advance research and have a smartphone, you can pre-shop Amazon’s deals and still go out and shop elsewhere. Yay!
    The Amazon mobile app can be set to send you push notifications for deals. This may get REALLY annoying on Black Friday, but if you want your finger on the pulse, it will be!
    Category-Specific Black Friday Pages
    Apparel: Amazon.com Clothing: Denim, Dresses, T-Shirts & more + Free Returns
    Beauty products: Amazon.com: Manager’s Special
    Books: Amazon.com: Black Friday Deals Week in Books
    Cameras (including dSLR stuff): Amazon.com: Today’s Deals in Camera, Photo & Video
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  11. Every Friday can be a black Friday for me
    It used be a good deal to be first in line Friday morning like horses on a Kentucky derby. Technology has changed the shopping landscape to where my simple strategies had to be upgraded. My tactics don’t necessarily apply to black Fridays exclusively but here are a few techniques I employ:
    I check if the item is the last item in the store. Some stores will give you an additional discount if you are willing to purchase their display model. I picked up a mini laptop on display for $200 originally retailing for $600
    Check if they have older models of the same line. I bought an Apple Watch Series 1 right before the Series 3 came out. Original retail $700, I picked it up for $247
    I would be on a mailing list for certain store coupons which I would take and shop at the outlets OR if the item was at a main store I would wait till it was about time to restock for the next season. I once targeted a winter jacket retailing for $130 and waited a couple of weeks and markdowns later till it was down to $49.
    Go to TJ Maxx during their clearance sales. They get their clothing from larger department stores that couldn’t get rid of their stock so they sell them to TJ Maxx at a discount. I sometimes wait till they have their sales to snag up some items. Even 24 oz Shampoos going for $40 I would buy for $8. Use your best judgement when waiting because their stock does go out relatively quicker.
    Go to the car rental sales and you can buy a car of the year for a significant discount. No fuss, no haggling. We were on the market for a new 2011 Honda CRV that year. Dealership price: $26000. Car rental sales: $19000. The catch is that although it was the same 2011 line, the rental car already had 4K miles on it still under warranty and in immaculate condition.
    Everything else:
    At Online Shopping for Electronics, Apparel, Computers, Books, DVDs & more scroll to the very bottom of the homepage. Written in very small font you’ll find several interesting shopping links among them: 6PM, Woot! and Warehouse Deals
    Lastly, I hate waiting in line to pay for purchases so I look for any register other than the main ones to go pay. I have paid for my groceries at the jewelry counter, automotive counter and gardening sections of some stores. They’re all linked to the same network so any one of them can ring me up. I also don’t walk in the main walkways but parallel to them. For example I’ll start in the main walkways at Wal-Mart but I’ll dip into the clothing section parallel to it and the way is clear ahead of me. I don’t have to walk at a snail’s pace to the register while people are talking on their cellphones. This way I always feel like I have a pathway made for me and a register always waiting for me. Happy shopping!

  12. If you pay close attention to Web communities like the Fatwallet Hot Deals forum and the Slickdeals Hot Deals forum, which I have not for a couple of years, I think you’ll find two kinds of surprising Black Friday deals:
    Some vendors who are offering, like, a $20 Black Friday iPad, will hit the ‘deploy’ button and make it available for purchase on their Web site on Thursday evening. You can reliably get a bunch of pretty cheap electronics from places like Staples by 11:30 p.m.–12:30 a.m. without having to queue or think too hard.
    Some vendors will make their Black Friday stock available ahead of time, at a higher price, but will accept “price matches” on Friday morning. Why wait in line to be the first to buy one of 12 TVs when you can just buy the TV the week before, come back to the store at 10 a.m., and buy it at the advertised price? (Not all vendors do this — more and more have begun to suspend their price-match policy or exclude Black Friday sales as this strategy became more and more popular.)

  13. Use your common sense and do not just buy something just because it says it’s a deal on the site. I noticed the other day that the Crock Pot was raised to the highest ever price just before Prime Day in 2017, then reduced on the day to make it appear like a deal. Source.
    Use price trackers, like the one I’ve just mentioned and setup price alerts.
    I have setup a website to do just that, it’s called Black Friday Hits. It allows you to view live prices of products and price history and then setup price alerts.
    Above all else, remember that big retailers are out to make money on this day. Whilst there might well be some good deals, always do your background research before falling for the hype!

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    Rule # 2: (Create A List & Wait)
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    Lingerie From Victoria Secret ?
    Sephora Make-up Kit ?
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    Rule # 3 (Keep Waiting until the day comes)
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    If you cant find on home page, there are coupon websites which keep a track of Black Friday Deals & coupons .
    Rule # 4 (Subscribe)
    Once you are done with your list, subscribe to all online stores for their newsletters. You’ll get their deals, coupons directly to your inbox and you don’t have to check their websites regularly.
    Rule # 5 (Wait for the day)
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    – You can visit Internet Archive: Wayback Machine (Internet Archive: Wayback Machine) to check the previous results of the online store to check if the prices are actually reduced or the stores are trying to fraud.
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    2. If you are a Citi credit card member, use the “Price Rewind” program for purchases and possibly recover product cost-reductions of $25 or greater within 30 days of your purchase date:https://www.citipricerewind.com/…
    Allegedly, Citi will compare all of your purchases against fluctuating market price for as long as 30 days from the date-of-purchase. If the price drops by more than $25, Citi notifies you and you can request a refund. Considering this program just popped up on November 13th, I can’t say how honest or effective it is. $250 refund limit per item.
    1.6k Views · View Upvoters
    Upvote · 17

    Ravi Singh
    Ravi Singh
    Hi Vincent, thanks for answering. In the CitiRewind, Who do you request or receive the refund fro…
    Marco Venti
    Marco Venti, Investor, Entrepreneur, Italian
    Answered Nov 23, 2015
    Originally Answered: Whats the best way to make the most online from Black Friday and Cyber Monday?
    first things first…
    this may sound but in fact it’s not:
    Don’t buy what you don’t f****ng need, no excuses, like “but …but.. it’s too cheap” NO. it’s just wasted, you or anyone else would have never bought that shi**y dress/shoes/whateveryouwanttofillhere.
    And I assure you, when the day will come, it will be hard to resist to that tempting prices, to the herd that is buying whatever he can, and you are thinking “oh gosh, I’m not having any bargain here”
    – know what you want and what you need BEFORE you buy
    – check the prices before BF and CM, check online
    – use search engine to evaluate the lowest prices
    – I suggest to shop online instead than live
    – check for the apps linked to the black friday Black Friday 2015 Ads App – BlackFriday.fm on the App Store
    – reserve your product online and join the waiting lists, then check if some other sites have a better deal on it, if not, buy.
    – check what brands offer sharply lower prices ONLY in these days, those are the brands you want to buy
    – this may not work for your country, but you can always negotiate for a small discount (5-10%) with the salesman offering to pay cash instead of using the credit card. If you go the days before the actual BF you could try to ask for lower prices and anticipated offers, mostly of the time it won’t work, but asking cost nothing.

  18. It’s all about avoiding the crowds this year. Almost all the retailers now promote their webpage with the same deals, if not better, than the brick and mortar ones.

    So some hacks for this year:
    1. Check the website first. You’ll have to do some groundwork to find the right price and most of the times you will be able to get it online instead of having to stand in a line for god know how many hours
    2. Use cash back sites like Ebates. This is not a new hack, many savvy with online shopping already do this simple task of shopping through a cash back site. Ebates has thousands of stores and some great cash back numbers.
    3. There’s an app for it! It cant get any easier than having coupons and deals sent your phone. Checkout some good ones like I’m In coupon app, Free Printable Coupons app and Snap.
    4. Take a chance on Cyber Monday. Some specific categories of items like apparel and beauty items have even more better deals on Cyber Monday than on Thanksgiving or Black Friday

  19. This Black Friday just after Thanksgiving in USA as most of people are looking for great gift deals.
    The best thing about Black Friday is there are lots of online deals on electronics(The best gift).Many e-commerce stores are offering discount rates according to their own decision. I think out of all the other items on sale, buying electronics(The best gift) makes the best savings.
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    Category-Specific Black Friday Pages
    Gift: eBay.com:10% off Thanksgiving gift
    Pet Supplies: eBay .com:Pet stuff/Black Friday Sale
    Business & Industrial:eBay.com:USB Scanner /Black Friday Deals
    Office Supplies: eBay.com: Today’s Deals in Electronics
    Consumer Electronic: eBay.com: Electronic Sales & Deals
    Kindle Books: Amazon.com: Kindle Book Deals
    Laptops, Tablets, Components, etc.: Amazon.com: Black Friday Deals Week on Computers & Accessories
    Sports:eBay.com: Deals on Sporting Goods
    Toys: eBay.com: Toys Event

  20. Don’t buy the advertised deals. Most of these are cheapened versions of popular products. They know they’re going to lose money on the deal, so they are going to minimize the loss as much as possible. Don’t expect quality or the best features. These are advertised at incredible prices to lure you into the store where you will be enticed by group frenzy to buy other things without considering whether or not it is a good deal.
    For everything else, wait two weeks. Most retailers progressively improve their sales as Christmas approaches. Many of the Black Friday “deals” will actually be cheaper later in the season.
    In other words, stay home on Black Friday and enjoy some down time bonding with your family. That will provide greater lasting value than cheap junk ever will.

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  23. You will get astonishing deals on almost every products for the Thanksgiving day, Black Friday & Cyber Monday. Getting your deals from E-commerce giants like Amazon & eBay is the most easy way.
    You will find most of the best deals on the special black friday page of Amazon and eBay.
    Amazon already started countdown for the Black Friday & created a dedicated page shown below-
    To know more about Amazon Lightning Deals or Black Friday deal predictions, you can read the article from Techradar.
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    To know more about eBay Black Friday Deals, you can read the article from Trustedreviews.
    If you want to compare the deals between them, visit Scopeprice. Here you will get price comparison for the renowned E-commerce sites like Amazon, eBay, Walmart, New Egg, Target etc.
    You can also visit Scopeprice Blog for product review & buying guide.

  24. Get Door Busters Without Waiting in Line.
    Stores like BestBuy hand out vouchers about two hours before doors open. The problem is people in front of the line get as many vouchers as possible, even if they have no intention on buying.
    Why? Because they want to give them to friends or resell them. So, you can (a) buy them, going rate is usually around $20. And believe me, you will hear people trying to sell them. Or (b) wait, and come to store when the vouchers expire, usually 11AM, chances are there will still be Door Busters left. Or (c) wait in line, it’s currently the Tuesday before Black Friday, if you want a doorbuster you’d better head there now.
    Oh and option (d), get one of your unemployed nephews to wait in this line for you 🙂

  25. 1. Do Black Friday online. Lowers your odds of getting trampled and eliminates the need to wear pants while shopping.
    2. Not really a hack, but be aware that some items’ prices actually go up on Black Friday. Stores know you’re going to come in ready to spend money because of all the sweet deals they’ve advertised, and they know the sense of urgency that Black Friday creates means you probably won’t be checking prices for things you haven’t researched in advance. This gives them the opportunity to raise prices on some smaller-ticket items that you may just throw in your cart since you’re there anyway. Ideally, just stick to your list, but if you feel compelled to buy something else, check out what it costs on Amazon on your phone.
    3. Use sites like http://blackfriday.com/ to see all the deals before you actually go out.

  26. Hack the system. Participate in Buy Nothing Day instead: Buy Nothing Day + Buy Nothing Christmas #OCCUPYXMAS
    An international tradition for 20 years!
    Here’s an amusing clip of Reverend Billy of The Church of Life After Shopping being interviewed by Glenn Beck of all people:
    You’re welcome! I’m going to add a video of Reverend Billy when I get a chance. 🙂
    Balneet Chadha
    Balneet Chadha, B.Tech Computer Science Engineering, Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University (2016)
    Answered Nov 23, 2017
    Add whatever you want to buy prior to the sale and just hit purchase as soon as the sale starts.
    I tried this for Amazon’s great Indian sale and you don’t know how lucky I am. LOL 😛
    If you are looking for some deals, you can visit this blog- Black Friday Sale

  27. 1. Use Cash! (In local shopping)
    2. Use a Pre Paid Credit Card!
    3. Shop Deals Online With Us Black Friday and Cyber Monday!
    4. Do not click on any ad email you receive directly on Cyber Monday, Black Friday or in general.
    5. Get a paper receipt for everything!
    6. Cross-check your bills against a credit card statement.
    7. Ditch the debit card!
    8. If a deal link or offer seems too good to be true, it might be – especially on Black Friday.
    More here: Black Friday May Show Improving Economy

  28. Nowadays most stores just put most of their Black Friday deals online. So the typical Black Friday deal will be available to everyone. However, because stores still want their customers to shop at their offline stores, they will reserve some of their best deals only for offline visitors. If you have the time the best hack I think is to go for these deals. And because most people shop online anyways, you won’t get trampled.
    If you don’t have the time you’ll have to make best with online deals. I think a good place to start are online stores with dedicated Black Friday deals. For example Amazon, Walmart, Newegg, Bestbuy and etc.
    Finally if you don’t have time to rummage through online stores, just look for news or blog posts of good Black Friday deals. If your looking for deals on electronic devices, please take a look at our list of top 10 Black Friday Tech Deals.

  29. Well, like everything else Black Friday shopping too needs to change with the times. With mobile shopping and recent technological advancements like iBeacon technology, Black Friday shopping too can change forever.
    How? By using beacons!
    If you have a beacon-enabled app, you can:
    1. Manage crowds
    2. Help customers find kids and family members with ease
    3. Provide instant information on rain-checked items
    4. Treat loyal customers ‘royally’
    Read in detail here: How Beacon-enabled apps is the way to get more customers this Black Friday

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  31. You will definitely catch the best offer during Black Friday if you:
    sign up for newsletters and email updates, not to miss another great deal
    follow your favorite stores on Facebook or Twitter
    find the best site with promo codes (for example Half a Million Promo Codes for 2017 or Hand-Picked Offers From Stores & Brands You Love at Offers.com).
    make the list of most wanted products that you are going to buy (don’t waste your time on choosing something, choose in advance and then simply buy it with discount!)

  32. Amazon Promo Codes
    It includes some Amazon promo codes, but it also includes a link to Amazon’s “Gold Box”. If you’re not familiar with the gold box, it is a section of Amazon that contains coupons, lightening deals, and other Amazon goodies that most people just don’t know about.
    Amazon lightening deals are items that are drastically reduced, on a timer. When the time runs out, or the indicated stock quantity runs out, the deal is over, and reverts back to the normal price.
    It’s not really hidden on their site, but it isn’t exactly featured, and you kind of have to accidentally stumble on it. But once you do, you’ll find yourself checking it out often. The best deals, specifically on black friday, are found on the gold box page.

  33. Don’t skip on family time, turkey dinner or pie for dessert to hit the door busters at 8pm on Thanksgiving. No matter how cheap that flat screen TV is, is it really worth precious time with loved ones?
    Shop online! Even if you buy the item in the store, at least compare the doorbuster price to what is available on Amazon. A lot of doorbusters are not even as good deals as what you can find online.
    Plan ahead. If you’re going to do Black Friday, do it right. Start looking at deals weeks in advance to plan your strategy. Remember, if you wouldn’t buy it anyway, don’t buy it when it’s on sale… then you’re just throwing money away. Only buy items you really need or want.
    Be aware of quality. Some items are on sale because there is some malfunction or it is simply not good enough quality to be purchased at full price. If this is the case, spare yourself and avoid purchasing a low quality item.

  34. Don’t go outside, wait until Cyber Monday and shop from home in your underwear! No lines either. Most retailers especially online ones save their best sales for then. This is surprisingly not that well known.
    Be aware however that you do run the risk of the item that you want running out of stock of not being available anymore. Worth it to save some money? Truly this question cannot be answered by Quora it needs to be answered by you!

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  37. What are your black jeans buying hack?
    Where are the best Black Friday Deals online?
    Will Bitcoin hit low levels on Black Friday?
    What are some shopping hacks in USA?
    Is Black Friday real, or a scam?
    Are deals on Cyber Monday or Black Friday better?
    What do Americans think about Black Friday?
    Will Bitcoin go down on Black Friday?
    Any SEO software discounts on Black Friday?
    What are some useful shopping hacks?
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  • shopping hacks in USA
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  • discounts on Black Friday
  • useful shopping hacks

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