10 Best Coupons, Cashback, Offers & Promo Code for this Month

  1. What is the best way to get coupons?
    10 Best Coupons, Cashback, Offers & Promo Code for this Month
    I would say that there are many coupons and deals websites in India and most of them are good. You will find all the websites with great UI and UX but at the end of the day. You should be looking towards a website which updates their databases regularly.
    Like, the current scenario with these websites is that they are capable of starting them but they do not regularly updates their databases which leads to a bad user experience.
    Their are website which is leading search results when you search for a query of suppose say, amazon coupons or amazon offers today.
    The search would definitely give you results, but it would not be the best result. What I recommend you is to use a website called Kupanzone.
    Kupanzone makes sure that you get regular deals and coupons at your email address in a weekly basis.
    Ofcourse there are many websites which are as good as Kupanzone, but it generally depends on what you personally prefer.
    Go ahead, check the website out.

  2. It will depend on how you define “the best way”. If you define “the best way” as “finding the most amount of coupons in a place”, then you go to coupon websites like Groupon, Retailmenot, Ebates, Coupon.com, etc. But if you define “the best way” as “saving both time and money” when you shop online, there are some coupon aggregators that will surely qualify as “the best way”. I will metion two coupon aggregators because they help me save time, which I think is a factor that has long been overlooked when talking about getting coupons, as well as money.
    Honey. Honey works with thousands of stores including Spingen, Gap, and even Papa John’s. All you have to do is to install the browser extension and shop in the stores you want to and Honey will apply the coupon codes automatically at checkout.
    Dealgogogo. The Dealgogogo Chrome extension is exclusively dedicated to Amazon. It gets all the 1,000,000 coupons in its database directly from Amazon sellers, which means every one of these coupon codes are verified. All you need to do is to install the Chrome extension, and then shop on Amazon like usual. Here is an illustration of how it works.
    Suppose you wanted to buy a wireless mouse and you came across this item on Amazon. Dealgogogo tells you that it has found a coupon that will allow you to save 60% on this wireless mouse. All you have to do is to proceed to checkout and enjoy the discount.
    Takes you about 2 seconds (time spent installing the Chrome extension) to save $5.99. And in case you don’t find a deal for that which you want to buy, Dealgogogo recommends similar products that offers a deal.
    I value time as well as money. That’s why I prefer these browser extensions to mega coupon websites.

  3. My answer is India specific.
    CashKaro is my favourite for discounts coupons and cashback offers
    My favourite website for discount coupons and cashbacks is CashKaro. This website has helped me earn Rs. 21,000 in cashbacks. You can check the payment proof in the website link given in the latter part of the answer. This cashback is over and above the discount coupons that I get from Cashkaro.
    The CashKaro discount and cashback is over and above the discount / cashback / rewards given by the merchant website / bank / credit card / wallet.
    My experience of using CashKaro
    I have been using Cashkaro since 2014. I have tried and tested it in these 4 years and now I can recommend it to you with confidence. I am very happy with their cashback offers / deals and customer service. Cashkaro has tie-ups with 1500+ merchant websites for discount coupons and cashback offers. At times, Cashkaro comes up with exclusive deals. Sometimes the cashback offered is as high as 50% – 100% of the amount transacted. I know 100% sounds unbelievable, but you can experience it by joining CashKaro. So I welcome you to join and experience 100% cashback offers here.
    Shopping categories on CashKaro
    Cashkaro has tied up with various websites in various categories, so that you as an end customer can enjoy the discount coupons / cashback irrespective of whatever you want to buy online. Some of these categories include:
    1. Magzines: Magzter
    2. Miscellaneous category: Amazon, Flipkart, Shopclues, Pepperfry
    3. Fashion: Myntra, Jabong, Ajio, Limeroad, Reliance Trends, Zivame
    4. Travel, ticket booking and hotel booking: MakeMyTrip, Oyo Rooms, Cleartrip, Yatra, Ixigo
    5. Movies, food and entertainment: BookMyShow, Nearbuy, Cinemas, Dominos, Pizzahut, Swiggy
    6. Groceries: BigBasket, Zopnow, Godrej Nature’s Basket
    7. Medicines and health: Netmeds, Thyrocare, 1mg, Medlife
    8. Beauty and personal care: Nykaa, The Body Shop
    9. Flowers and gifts: Fernsnpetals, Giftease, Zoomin, BookMyFlowers, Floweraura
    10. Kids: Firstcry
    11. Online games: Adda52, RummyCircle
    These are just some of the categories and websites in those categories. As I have mentioned earlier, CashKaro has tie-ups with 1500+ websites. So whatever you are looking to purchase, you can expect some additional discount / cashback on your purchase through CashKaro.
    How to benefit from CashKaro?
    You can save 30% – 50% on groceries and daily use household products with Amazon and CashKaro combination
    For your daily groceries and everyday use household / FMCG products, you can save 30% – 50% every month by using the Amazon India and CashKaro combination.
    For example, when I have to shop from Amazon India website, I visit the website through the CashKaro website. This helps me benefit in 3 ways in the form of discounts and cashbacks as follows:
    a) Discounts on individual products on MRP by Amazon plus (+)
    b) 20% cashback on payment through bank / Amazon Pay plus (+)
    c) 5% Cashkaro cashback
    How I saved 34% on my latest groceries and daily use products order on Amazon
    At the start of the month, I placed an order for my groceries and daily use household products on Amazon India. The total order value was of Rs. 5007. On this order:
    a) I got direct discount of Rs. 665 on individual products plus (+)
    b) I availed a bank offer and got cashback of Rs. 868 (20% of order amount paid) in the form of Amazon Pay plus (+)
    c) I got cashback of Rs. 194 in the form of cashback from CashKaro
    The total savings on the order were Rs. 1727 (direct discount Rs. 665 + Amazon Pay cashback Rs. 868 + Rs. 194 CashKaro cashback). Thus, I saved 34.49% (Rs. 1727) on an order value of Rs. 5007.
    I do this every month, wherein I save in the range of 30% – 50% on my monthly groceries and household / FMCG products by shopping with Amazon India through CashKaro. This is why Amazon and CashKaro is my favourite online shopping combinsation.
    You too can save 30% – 50% on your regular monthly shopping
    You too can save in the range of 30% – 50% on your monthly groceries and household / FMCG products with Amazon India. I can show you how to go about it by shopping on specific days to be eligible for for additional 20% Amazon Pay cashback along with discounts on individual products and CashKaro cashback. You can visit the following link to know about shopping on Amazon through Cashkaro
    Savings with CashKaro and other discount websites
    Apart from saving on groceries, I also save on movies, dining out, food delivery, entertainment, travel, salon services, medicines, fashion and lot many other services through CashKaro and other discount websites. The savings are in the range of 20% to a whopping 80% in some cases.
    With CashKaro and other online shopping offers, I can help you to save upwards of Rs. 5000 per month depending on the amount that you spend every month on groceries, FMCG products, daily use products, movies, dinning out, food delivery, fashion, entertainment, spa and salon services, movies etc. To know more about CashKaro click here

  4. We are a development group out of Miami who recently launched a free Google Chrome extension in beta, CouponMate – a great money-saving tool.
    Download @ CouponMate: More Discounts. Less Pain.
    Here is a link to a quick video demonstrating what our extension can do:
    The goal of the extension is to make the “coupon hunting” process easier. We search the web daily for all the best coupon codes for over 100,000 brands, and we are even working to automate the process of applying the best code to your cart — roughly 250 websites are supported for automation so far.
    You’re able to browse the latest coupon codes for websites you visit at any time from your browser.
    On supported websites, you can also use our “Find Best Coupon” feature which will appear in a small window during checkout to automatically find and apply the best code for your specific cart.
    Once you download, to see an example of a site with full automation, go to PacSun.com or Express.com, add 2 or 3 items to your cart, and go to the checkout process. Click on the “Find Best Coupon” button in checkout.

  5. Coupon codes and vouchers give you maximum amount off your purchase. From free shipping on items to big savings on your purchases, following points will make online purchase fun for you.
    Exclusive Coupons
    Exclusive offers are often available for registered users. Exclusive offers provide 50% off on a wide range of products. Coupons and voucher codes available on merchant’s website are for different set of categories like clothes, electronics etc.
    3 things – Deals, offers and Coupons
    Know the difference between all three. Deals maybe Buy 1 get 1 free or a free shoe kit on purchase of 35$, whereas offers are available for a single day and coupons are codes that are used during payment checkouts to deduct a certain amount of money from your total.
    Google search Top Coupon Websites
    Research the internet and make a list of best coupon websites that provides deals on merchant’s website. You can find coupon on products you’re looking for, deals on different categories and discounts on a wide range of listed products. From free shipping to discount on first buy, everything is available and updated daily.
    There is an expiration date for everything. We must be very watchful when we search for wadi coupon and voucher codes online because they too have expiration dates. But as per company policy, these coupons can be withdrawn before their expired date subjected to increase in demand and available stock.
    Also, signing up for newsletters not just gives you latest product updates on seller’s website but also provides exclusive deals and offers to subscribers. A smart shopper looks for a product that he/she needs rather than going for a brand.

  6. The best way to get coupons is to sign up for newsletters of popular coupon sites and manufacturers websites. So that you can get new coupons every morning when u open the email.
    Read more – Where to Get Coupons Online
    There are a plenty of coupon websites providing discounted offer, deals and coupons everyday. Here are some great places to find coupons:
    Retailer/Manufacturers/Store Websites – Many big retailers and stores, like Macy’s, Walmart, Target will provide special online offers and discounts at their websites. If you can’t find coupons for your favorite foods, check the brands’ websites; they sometimes offer printable coupons.You can sign-up for your local store’s loyalty programs and register at their websites so you can get emailed coupons.
    Printable Coupon Sites – You can also get the printable coupons online on high quality coupon websites like Coupons(dot)com, Groupon, RedPlum, Coupon Network and Smart Source etc. Big coupon sites will offer the discounts information and free coupons for name brands almost daily. There are thousands of coupons varies from groceries coupons, clothing coupons, shoes coupons to health care coupons. You can find almost every kind of coupon you need in a fast way.
    Blogs – Many Blogger update coupon information daily. Follow some of your favorite blogger’s sites will save your money and time.
    Forums – There are several great forums offer free coupon information Like WeUseCoupons, HotCouponWorld and AFullCup. You have to register at each of them, but it’s free.
    Search Engines – Use Google to help you find the coupon you want. Just type the brand name followed by the word coupon and you might be able to find one that way. Search online sites for online coupon codes. Search for the exact item you’re looking for to zone in on your exact need. You’ll be surprised how many printable coupons reside on the web.
    Facebook – Facebook is a great place to find coupons and bargains. Many brands and manufacturers will update coupon information on their Fan-page.

  7. I found the experience of searching for coupon codes online to be frustrating and time consuming.
    Here’s are two big reason why…
    1. Using a traditional search engine like Google, Bing and Yahoo only allow you to search for websites that may have the coupon code you’re seeking, rather than returning results of the actual coupons themselves you get a list of websites. This requires additional work and time on the users end to sort through the results and manually go to the various sites to find what they’re looking for. The bigger problem here is that when they finally do find a discount or code it’s difficult to determine whether it will actually work or has already expired. Many of the codes people post online are never removed once they expire. The only way to find out is through trial and error by entering each one in until one finally works or until you get frustrated and give up.
    2. The majority of coupon websites work by asking users to submit the codes and then vote on whether they work or not. While this allows them to establish a large number of coupons and deals to display on their site, it also results in promo codes that work being mixed together with promo codes that don’t – leaving it up to the user to figure out which is which.
    In an effort to solve some of the problems mentioned above, I recently launched a coupon code and discount search engine that takes a more simplified and direct approach. The site, http://www.uDealium.com, lets users search directly for human verified deals, coupons and special offers obtained directly from the retailers rather than through crowdsourcing.
    There are a ton of great coupon sites out there that provide lots of community features and extra bells and whistles. And for many users this is exactly the type of social coupon seeking and sharing experience they’re looking for.
    uDealium.com was created for the other type of users, the ones who want to find a valid coupon code or discount as quickly as possible so they can complete their purchase, save some money and call it a day.

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  9. You can find the coupons in three ways
    1. You can directly get the coupons in the respective site, by visiting the site manually you can check the available coupons on the site.
    2. Sign up the newsletters. this is one of the best ways to consider, you don’t miss any latest coupon if you sign up to the newsletter service in the sites
    3. If you want all coupons to be at one place and expecting to see multiple coupons then i suggest you check the coupon sites. You will get updated coupons and offers available from multiple stores here. Including this, you can even match the available offers and can get the best discount on the particular product.

  10. There’s an up and coming site called Gobza that I think is really going to take off in the next 12-18 months. There are two main things that make them different from traditional deal sites. 1. It is absolutely free for businesses. Gobza is trying to level the playing field for businesses large and small. If there is no cost, then there is no risk to your advertising. It’s a no-brainer. 2. When shoppers or businesses refer their friends, customers, email databases, etc. to the site with their personal invitation link, they earn a commission on whatever that person ever buys or sells on Gobza for life. It’s a way of monetizing the virality of good deals. If you put a great video on YouTube and it gets a million hits, that’s all fine and dandy, but you haven’t made any money. If you refer a business to Gobza that sells 1000 offers, you are thanked by Gobza with a residual income! It’s a win-win for everyone involved. Check out the revolution

  11. The best place to find coupons is in the Sunday newspaper. You could also try Coupons.com , RedPlum.com, P&G or Smart Source. They are the companies that send out the coupon inserts in the Sunday newspaper. Also, look at the stores website to see if they have any coupons. Most grocery stores have printable and digital coupons!

  12. Saving money in online shopping is an art. There are many ways in which you can get cashbacks every time you shop online. My favourite is Savemonk. Savemonk – India’s Savings Platform helps you in getting all those deals that can save you money. That is like passive earning. It offers proper cashback and it’s simple and smooth.
    To get these fabulous deals and coupons, all you have to do is access shopping portals like Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra all from Savemonk – India’s Savings Platform.
    Also, you should regularly check these shopping apps for new deals and coupons. These apps update all of these deals and coupons on their page.

  13. Slickdeals: It is made up of millions of community members who are constantly scouring the web for deals. When they find one, they post it. Other members then give their opinion of whether it’s actually a good deal by giving it a thumbs up. https://slickdeals.net/
    Retailmenot: Find and share coupon codes and promo codes for great discounts at thousands of online stores.
    Dealnews: It helps you find deals across the internet and brings them all together at one place. So, you don’t have to scorch the internet to find a suitable coupon or a suitable deal for yourself. Dealnews will be able to help you out. https://www.dealnews.com/
    Vipon: All of their products are 50% – 99% off, so you know you’re always getting a good deal. https://www.vipon.com
    DealGoGoGo: A newer Amazon review site, but they’ve quickly grown in popularity due to their wide selection of products (currently over 4,000). Not only that, but you can snag up to 10 items at a time without the need for seller approval. http://www.dealgogogo.com/
    Product Elf: Most of the time the products aren’t on the higher-end, but if you’re looking for something generally inexpensive, it may be a good idea to look here. Sometimes you won’t get a promotion code the first time you apply for it.

  14. Now a days we should keep in mind that, when we doing online shopping, we should use coupons. Because, all most all the eStore companies are providing the coupons. You can directly go to google and search for the particular coupons. For example, if you shopping in flipkart then go to google and type “Flipkart Coupons”, then google will display all the relevant website. Some times are not sure about the accuracy. For that, it is better to bookmark some reliable websites. If you want all types of
    Flipkart Coupons visit http://eflipkartcoupons.in
    If you are looking for all types of coupons from India like, amazon coupons, jabong coupons, ebay coupons, Bigrock coupons and more visit
    Flipkart Coupons – Jabong coupons, Snapdeal coupons, Ebay coupons, Hostgator Coupons and Bigrock Coupons
    For International coupons, the best site is Retailmenot.com

  15. The best way to get coupons is to find coupons online. you can find coupons from:
    Retailer/Manufacturers/Store Websites – Many big retailers and stores, like Macy’s, Walmart, Target provide special online offers and discounts at their websites.
    Printable Coupon Sites – there are many high quality coupon websites like Free Printable Coupons, Grocery Coupons & Online Coupons, Groupon, RedPlum, Coupon Network and Smart Source etc.
    Coupon Blogs – there are many daily updated coupon blogs online, such as Sally’s Coupons, thekrazycouponlady, Follow or subscribe some of your favorite bloggers, you will get new coupons everyday.
    Search Engines – input the right keywords like “XX coupons”, you can find great coupons by Google.
    Facebook –
    Many brands and manufacturers will update coupon information on their Fan-page.
    Source: Where to Get Coupons Online

  16. I think the best way to get coupons is to register yourself to the website you think works fine and has good and legitimate coupons or deals. By doing this you will be updated with the latest offers by receiving a mail to your respective id or sometimes even via SMS on your registered mobile number.
    You can also allow the notifications from that site on the browser,the pop up message for which appears on the upper left corner of the browser. To get latest deals you can also check our coupons site Dealhopp where you can find deals for big brands among various categories. Here is a FREE swiggy discount coupon for you to check out

    If you search it on google then you will a lot result about best coupons site and few of them provide you best coupons code for buying anything from a website.
    But there is a problem.When they give you some coupons then they will get an action by you like they will give you a link and say that – just complete a sort servey then get your coupon code.
    So i think this is a little bit trouble to user.
    But i know a website where they provide best quality coupon without any problem or without any requirements.
    You can check their website or visit other website for getting coupons now-
    Coupon, Discount Codes, Promo Codes

  17. If you’re shopping online the process & experience of finding coupon codes strait up sucks. I always google for a coupon code before checking out online and more likely than not retailmenot or one of couponcabins sites shows up. What happens next is still a pain as there is no guarantee that the coupons are still valid or can be applied to your purchase. Worst off you’ve left the checkout process and which increases the chance of shopping cart abandonment…so. In short the something is off, which is why online merchants are starting to share coupon codes directly with customers. Shutterfly.com, macys.com, wine.com to name a few are adopting this practice. After spending five years in ecommerce I’ve created my own solution to this problem with http://www.justuno.com. We offer a simple embedable widget for online merchants to share coupons directly with customers, there is also a social coupons component which allows you to access the facebook/twitter feeds of you customers.

  18. 1) Store newsletters: Whether you are a Lands End devotee or a Macy’s fanatic, you need to get on the e-news lists for your favorite brand. Special codes often are sent out with the newsletters, and you will typically be the first know about new sales too.
    2) Facebook and Twitter: Similarly, you should be following your favorites on Twitter and Facebook. More and more companies are using social media to announce and publicize coupon codes.
    3) Browser add-ons and plug-ins: Browsers allow you to add on extra features such as toolbars and buttons. There are several adds-on available that will automatically search and notify you of coupon codes or other savings. Try Honey or CouponsHelper for Firefox and Chrome.
    4) Coupon code websites: For a slightly more streamlined way to find codes without wading through all the other deals, head to a website that specializes primarily in coupon codes.
    5) Search engines: Finally, finding a coupon code may be as easy as typing a few words in your favorite search engine. Just type in the name of the store plus the word ‘code.’ This method generally gets results but be aware that you may have to weed through some old expired codes before finding the ones that are still effective.
    My personal preference is to use coupon code websites first since they are relatively straightforward and seem to offer the best results. However, they are certainly not the only way to find codes online.@

  19. It depends on what kind of coupons you are looking for. Are you seeking grocery coupons to use at your local grocery retailer? Are you seeking coupons for specialty retailers such as Michaels and Bed, Bath & Beyond? Are you looking for online coupon codes for buying at the .coms of major retailers like Target.com and others? Are you looking for a “daily deal” at local merchants offering services? Are you looking for printed coupons for local merchants that come in your mailbox or mail?
    Every one of those has a different coupon channel that you’d get the best deals on.

  20. If you are looking for best coupons and deals then you should sign up for the newsletters of the companies, or a better and convenient option would be to visit coupons sites. Once you register your interest on such a site, you will start receiving lucrative deals, coupons and offers in your mail inbox.
    At couponcodes.store, we provide attractive promo codes, discounts and coupons on different products and brands such Kohl’s, Acronis, ABBYY, Avast, AOMEI and many more to make your shopping experience enjoyable and cost savvy. So, just signup at Coupon Codes Stores, and you will never miss out on the latest coupons and deals
    Get the Best Coupons, Deals and Discounts though Coupon Codes Store

  21. Check out, CouponSnip
    At CouponSnip , you will find great deals, discount & coupons. You can also request you’re deal here which is amazing feature of website … 🙂
    Moreover, you can also join Couponsnip Fan pages at
    Facebook: CouponSnip
    Google+ : CouponSnip – Google+
    Tumblr: CouponSnip
    Twitter: CouponSnip India to get real time updates on deals & coupons.
    I recommend you to join Couponsnip at least at Twitter : CouponSnip India for Deals, Contests (What I love most) & Technology updates

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  23. Try these 3 simple steps which make almost every online retailer send you a coupon. Very often it works 🙂
    1. Choose the product you want to buy and add to your cart
    2. Begin the payment process
    3. Leave the website before paying
    Now wait a day or two… and check your email. Soon should get a promo code 🙂

  24. Below listed are a few ways to get coupons and save money:
    Google them: Many websites are only there for providing coupons and discount codes for you to use at spending venues. Google them. Some of the big coupon providing websites are Coupondunia and Grabon.
    Ask a friend: Many a times, coupons are provided on shopping, for using on the next purchase. If any of your friends is a regular shopper or you know one friend who has recently purchased something from your favourite website, ask if he has got a coupon code or a deal you can use.
    Get Registered: Websites directly email exclusive coupons and deals to registered users. Just go to good websites and make an account.
    Get cashback: Websites offer cashbacks on shopping through affiliate websites. Use Savemonk to shop at your favourite website and you get cashback every time. Plus, you can refer a friend and earn some cashback every time your friend gets cashback.
    Be active on social media: Shopping websites announce coupon codes on their social media accounts as well. Connect with them and stay active so that you don’t miss out on great discounts!
    Add browser extension “Honey”: This extension automatically pulls any available discounts to your cart while shopping, saving you the pain of missing out on discounts you did not know about or typing them down manually.
    Hope it helps! 🙂

  25. Most of the answers mention of coupon sites that a person would have to visit. That’s an exceptionally frustrating process. You have go to a coupon site check the coupon code, apply that at the checkout, see if it works, if not try other coupon, look for coupon on different sites, etc. Usually kills more than hour and many a times makes the shopping experience very
    We have devised a very simple solution that does all the hard work for you. A nifty browser plugin that would apply the best coupons for you at the checkout and show you the reduced cart value all in less than 2 minutes.
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    It right now works at 16 different sites like jabong, myntra, yatra, makemytrip, dominos etc. Mention in comments if you would love more sites to be added to this.

  26. There are a lot of sites where you can take coupon codes or find saving deals. But it’s not always so easy to find really working codes cause not all of them are regularly refreshed. When I need some working codes I usually look at Hand-Picked Offers From Stores & Brands You Love at Offers.com , Half a Million Promo Codes for 2017 or at Coupon Codes, Coupons, Promo Codes, Free Shipping and Discounts for Thousands of Stores. These sites are most useful personally for me. I think using coupon codes nowadays is a great chance to save more money and to buy exactly what you want.

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    lazada (Shopping)
    zalora (Shopping)
    fave (Shopping)
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    CheapTickets.sg (Travel)
    althea (Shopping)
    Trip.com (Travel)
    iShopChangi (Shopping)
    Ticwatch (Shopping)
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    airasiago (Travel)
    Fashionvalet (Shopping)
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    Shopee (Shopping)
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    Klook (Travel)
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    airasiago (Travel)
    Nike (Shopping)
    lazada (Shopping)
    expedia (Travel)
    Hotels.com (Travel)
    Ticwatch (Shopping)
    MakeMyTrip (Travel)
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  29. The best way to get coupons in Canada? There is an app for that, too.
    Convert paper receipts into cash: Snap a picture of your reciept, select the product coupon in the app, and then get cashback.
    It’s sort of like how people can cash a check with their mobile phone.
    You can learn more about it here:
    The Never Ending Coupon – Cashback Smartphone App
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